Podcast and Projects

Trauma Informed Design

What is Trauma-informed Design?

Trauma-informed Design (TiD) is a new concept that has not yet achieved a unified definition. We define it as a design process for the built environment  based on trauma informed care principles. All decisions about the physical environment must be filtered through the overlapping lenses of psychology, neuroscience, physiology, and cultural factors. The intent is to create uniquely-designed spaces where all users feel a sense of safety (both real and perceived), respect, connection and community, control, dignity, and joy. Each TiD environment should aim to specifically meet the unique needs of the intended users, recognizing that some helpful and healing design elements may look different for different populations.

Inclusive Designers Podcast

Our ‘Inclusive Designers’ Podcast is a collaborative forum for designers to share creative ideas for different human conditions. Advocacy, student showcases, and of course design, are all included in these podcasts.

Chronic health conditions and social determinants of health can influence the way a person is treated and how they see themselves.

Designing with dignity can positively impact an individual and a community.

Detailed attention to design elements at home and in the community can support treatment, improve quality of life, and minimize exacerbation of health conditions.

Design elements can be beautiful, person-centered, functional, and part of a comprehensive treatment plan. The more a designer understands the client and/or the community, the more effective and respectful the design will be.